Koinonia Sports and Fitness Association began as a group of Christians who enjoy fellowship, the outdoors and sports.  We developed this organization in order to share our passion for sports and fitness with others in our community and serve them by providing organized activities that lead to physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.   We have named our selves Koinonia because this ancient Greek word means Fellowship and fellowship with one another is our primary focus ....

We schedule activities each week.... rain, shine or scorching heat.  Monday and Wednesday we run, walk and skate together at McKinley Park downtown after work.  Every Saturday we meet to run, walk, bike, or skate on the American River bike trail  We schedule other sports and fitness activities such as: mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, tennis, hiking, camping, and white-water rafting through each month as time and interest permit.  We're also open to adding other activities as our schedule permits and when there is interest. 

We also provide periodic social activities to give members opportunities to connect with each other and form lasting friendships.  As Christians we believe that it is essential for the health of our community for us to minister to one another through the week and maintain a positive, Christian presence in the greater Sacramento area.

Koinonia Sports and Fitness Association is a nonprofit organization governed by a Servant-Leadership Team.  The team is dedicated to helping people fellowship through safe, fun activities.  We hope that through the activities we organize, our members will improve and/or maintain their health. 

Our sporting and recreational time also serves to support each other in our Christian walk as well as sharing the Great Love of God everyone around us.   

Our Evangelical mission moved beyond the local area to a more global stage in 2006 as we embarked on a journey together in order to help build an orphanage in Uganda for children orphaned due to AIDS.  We are working with the Wekanda family to establish and maintain this facility.  To this end, our Resurrection Run 5k Race is dedicated.

We invite you to join us, make new friends and have fun too.